Aikido techniques

There is a great variety of aikido techniques, various forms of application with various immobilization and throw techniques, as well as a series of attacks and grabs that generate hundreds of different techniques and combinations. Nevertheless, we have tried to collect some of the most common basic techniques used in Aikido and provide you with educational videos.

You should bear in mind that the names and their execution may vary slightly depending on your teacher or the line of aikido taught in your dojo. In aikido waza we use the technical program of Aikikai as a reference.

The videos on this page are intended to reinforce and complement the training in your Aikido classes. To learn and understand these techniques correctly, you need continual practice in a dojo with a qualified Aikido master who can provide a detailed explanation of the techniques, helping you correct your mistakes, answer your questions, and monitor your evolution.

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Striking attacks


Grips from the back

Immobilizations grabs

Technical immobilization variants

Baseline throws

Technical throw variants

Application forms