Literally meaning “Third Principle”. Technique that is part of the basic immobilizations (Osae Waza). Read more

Sankyo, basic immobilization (Osae Waza) of the technical repertoire of Aikido with Ikkyo, Nikyo, Yonkyo and Gokyo.

In general, we can define Sankyo as a technique that consists of controlling the axis of the attacker’s body by rotating their wrist. Tori’s palm (and mainly the base of the Thumb) holds the back of Uke’s hand (where it connects with the wrist). These are perhaps the keywords of Sankyo. However, we must not forget the basic idea of ​​any Aikido technique, which is to remove your partner’s balance (or find a relative advantageous position), which allows us to attack Uke with guarantees, in this particular case, in addition, keeping the elbow of Uke up or forward and thus facilitating the proper grip so that it has a maximum effect.

Executed also in Omote form (advancing towards Uke), it forms Ura (guiding the attack towards the outside) and even happening under the arm of Uke, thus becoming Uchi Kaiten Sankyo.

During the final imobilization with Tori kneeling above Uke, Tori maintains Uke’s arm twisted, changing hands and stretching their companions arm to increase elasticity.

Immobilization of Sankyo